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I'm not dead. Sometimes I draw things.


Yellow Pikmin by version014 Yellow Pikmin :iconversion014:version014 12 1 Intense Love by Queen-Zelda Intense Love :iconqueen-zelda:Queen-Zelda 188 42
Characters Needed!
I've decided to build my own game from scratch, it will be a top down RPG and since I've never before done this I'm nervous on how it will turn out. However, there will be needed many characters for the game and since I want diversity I am opening up a donation of characters for the game. All creators will be given credit for their characters and the artist's who's characters appear in the final version of the game will have the game sent to them via some sort of thing I haven't determined yet.
The game will take place inside a long-term care section of a hospital, therefore, the character must have some sort of disease/illness/reason to be in the ward. If you cannot figure out a disease then please note and suggest if the character should be a nurse, doctor, family member, friend or patient. Please if you are entering a character send me a note with the following information.
Full Name
Nickname(optional, though preferred)
Hair color
Hair style
Eye color
Skin color
:icongravitypiglet:GravityPiglet 1 0
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Digital Dudes
New commission. If you pay me, I can draw you a humanoid character, but you have to provide an image or at least an in depth description of that character for me to draw it. Please note that I will only accept humanoid characters, so for all you pony fans..... sorry. You're out of luck. These drawings will be simple shading, with a white background, because I'm lazy or something. That's it. 
Realistic portraits!
Ok, so instead of taking requests, because I never have enough time, I'm doing commissions! So far, it's just this, but I may do more soon. Anyway, I will be drawing your face in my sketchbook, sort of like these lovely things. They may be a little expensive, sorry about that. Also, a picture of your face is required. You can send it to me in a note, or whatever, and it doesn't have to be high quality. I won't post the original photos you send, though. Just the drawing. Anyway, hope you guys like this! :3



TheChocolateArmor's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Salutations, wanderers, creatures, deviants, wildabeasts, coconuts, etc! It seems you have stumbled on my lair. Well, now you are here, let me tell you something of myself:
I am a nerd, geek, gamer, writer, fan girl, and artist. I am very VERY obsessive about numerous things, and I am the definition of weird and (sometimes) creepy. I waste my life on youtube and live inside my sketchbook. You could say I'm an "Extroverted Introvert". I am also a mormon. Here are other sites where you can find me. :)



Also, credit to my avatar/profile pic goes to :iconevelynroo: who is an amazing artist. You should check her out!


Kidpix by TheChocolateArmor
Artist Imitate: Krooked-Glasses

Well, I finally decided to do another artist imitation.. So YEEYYYY!!!

This time, I decided to do something a little different, which is probably the reason why I put it off for so long. (I was scaaared! XD) Anyway, today, as you can see, I decided to mimic :iconkrooked-glasses: and her unique artwork. Because her style is so unique, I couldn’t find a single character to draw, simply because her gallery is very diverse, and doesn’t generally focus on one character. So, to save time from racking my brain with ideas of a character, I chose to draw my avatar character, Choco. Not only was I less scared to use her because I feel less bad about messing up my own character, vs someone else’s, but she has very simplistic characteristics, and like I said earlier, I was scared to start drawing such an amazing style. Also, I did not end up using a single reference this time, so I won’t be linking to a specific deviation this time around. Anyway, let’s get started!


Krooked-Glasses, I have never seen an art style so unique as yours. As you can probably tell by my normal-boots obsessiveness, I discovered your work through the revival of PBG’s Hardcore series. I was caught off guard by how fun, stylized, and colorful your work was, and I’m pretty sure I spent the whole episode of Minecraft HC 5 fangirling over the art, instead of paying attention to what was going on. By the time Terraria HC 3 started, I knew I would HAVE to try out your style.


I discovered, through checking out your deviantart and twitter pages, that your art is very diverse, ranging from a great number of different styles and color schemes. This was probably the hardest part of your work, finding some references to go off of. I decided to stick with the idea of imitating the cartoony, geometrical style of the Hardcore series, and I got to work right away.


Sketching out my character was really fun, because your lines are so free and angular. It was nice to get out of all the circles I’m used to drawing. It was also nice to not have to pay as much attention to body structure, and still come out with something that looked cool. I feel like that has been limiting me a lot more than I thought it was. Outlining was a bit more tricky, but I have a feeling you have access to better software than I do, so I just did my best. It was tricky figuring out how you do the outlines for your faces, but also a really fun experience.


Once I was done outlining, it was time to get to my favorite part of your art, the colors. I started with the hair, and it was really fun creating shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles in the highlights. I moved on to the face, where I discovered how fun it was to combine your simplistic shading style with my stroked style. I think the most difficult part of the coloring was trying to figure out the shirt, and eventually, I just had to improvise.


One thing I really like about your art style is the color. I love how bright blue shades the whites of the eyes and teeth. I love how the browns turn into purples and yellows. I love how you have a nice orange mixed with pink for light skin shading. I also love how you also use the colors of the outlines to fit the image together.


But I think what I like most about your style is how your characters all have different face shapes, and noses, and eyes, and even skin tones. Instead of picking one design and editing it to look more like a wide range of people, you make every single figure different. Even within the HC icons, every single member had something that made them different from all the others, and you can see that in the colors, shapes, and tints of each one. (As you may be able to tell, I sort of combined a bunch of the different designs from each HC member and mashed them together a little.) It was also fun to see how your designs for original characters had features that defined them by their personality and character.


Overall, your style is one of a kind, something I’ve never seen before. I think a good description of your art is “if google icons actually looked cool” but multiplied by ten thousand. So that’s ten thousand times cooler than google icons. It felt really free to try out this design, and I’m really happy with what you have unknowingly taught me. So thank you for teaching me, and have a great day!


Well, that happened again. I still have have some ideas for more imitations, so make sure to check them out when they're done. I actually have a few ideas of who I might do next. *evil grin* And if you want to try one of these yourself, check this out for more info: thechocolatearmor.deviantart.c…

Also, If you want to check out the last imitation I did, It’s right here: thechocolatearmor.deviantart.c…
Kidpix by TheChocolateArmor

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